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Airport Security Tips – 4 Do’s and Don’ts When Going Through Airport Security for Your Next Trip

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Make sure you are arriving at least 3 hours before your flight. 

Okay. Now, this doesn’t have to be exactly 3 hours. But in our experience, there’s always something that can go wrong with flights. A flight schedule changed, wrong terminal/airport number, a far distance of airport terminal, missing items, too heavy luggage, AND MORE.

Arriving 3 hours before your flight at the airport is one of the most important rules we follow, and maybe you should too. It gives you ample time to check all your flight details and see if there are changes. And if there’s any problem with the queue at the airport check, you have enough time to not miss your flight. Trust us!

All liquids – just make sure they’re 100 milliliters. 

Ahh, this might be something really obvious to a lot of frequent travelers and fliers, however, it’s something easily missed by a lot of people. Make sure that all gels and liquids that you are bringing with you in your carry-on are 100 milliliters.

For bottles that have measurements on them, even if they are Half empty, airport security checks won’t like them being in big bottles and containers. They have to be small and just the exact measurement.

Keep your boarding pass and passport (or identification) ready with you. 

Airport security will always need to check your boarding pass and identification, and some securities check these twice. Make sure you have them on you all the time, without the need to rush in line worrying where you kept them. It’s a nightmare to lose these, and you can easily miss your flight if you don’t have your documents.

Be ready to remove your belt and watch, and jacket. 

Moving through the queue in the airport security, you’d want to be ready to remove these things fast. They usually get included in the stuff you need to remove and place on the conveyor belt for airport security check.

Most metals on you need need to be removed (but this does not have to include jewelry like necklaces, earrings, and rings, so please don’t remove these unless asked to). Some airport security checks are stricter than others and may need you to remove your shoes, so be wary that you can slip in and out of your shoes easily so as not to be held up in the airport security.

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