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Mayor Adams says he doesn’t feel safe on NYC Subway

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Mayor Adams has recently spoken out about his concerns regarding safety on the New York City subway system. In a recent statement, the mayor said that he personally does not feel safe while riding the subway and that he believes that the current level of security is not sufficient to protect riders. He cited a number of incidents that have occurred on the subway in recent months, including an increase in crime and harassment, as well as a lack of enforcement by the police, as reasons for his concerns.

The mayor has also called for increased funding for the subway system’s security measures, including the hiring of more police officers and the installation of more security cameras. He has also proposed implementing a program to provide mental health services for subway riders who have been affected by crime or harassment. The mayor’s statement has sparked a debate about the state of subway safety in New York City, with some agreeing with his concerns and others saying that the subway is still a safe mode of transportation. The City is now taking action to address the concerns of the Mayor, and other riders, by increasing the presence of police officers and security cameras on subway trains and platforms, as well as increasing patrols in high-crime areas.

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